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While traveling home from North Carolina to Long Island New York on Memorial Day, I received a reckless driving charge (86 in a 60) in Roanoke Virginia. After a few days of researching law firms online, I found Brad Thompson Law and called their offices in Virginia. Brad took my call and gave me the time and respect and left me with the impression that I was in very good hands if I hired him. Well, now that my case was settled and the misdemeanor charge was dropped., my impression of him and the firm were “spot on” correct. If you have a traffic or criminal offense in that area, talk to Brad Thompson Law offices to help with deciding which direction for defense you should take. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did. Thanks Brad!


Brad Thompson Law handled my reckless driving case professionally and efficiently. Mr. Thompson thoroughly explained the process and the range of possible outcomes. He was able to get the charges reduced. I am a very satisfied client.

– Tom

Brad Thompson did a wonderful job handling my reckless driving case. I was surprised when I found out what constituted reckless driving in Virginia and promptly called Brad Thompson after seeing his website. He was professional, understanding, and very courteous. He even gave me a student discount! My case was a great success even though I had a prior speeding ticket just a few months earlier. I know hiring Brad Thompson was the only thing that saved me from a criminal record. Thanks again!

– Adam

In November 2014, I was charged with a traffic violation that I felt I was inaccurately charged with. I was frustrated and needed legal advice. I was referred to the BRAD THOMPSON LAW located in Salem, VA. Once the firm agreed to represent me, they promptly started work on my case. I would definitely use the firm again. They listen to the concerns of the client.

– Earl

My name is Walter and I got a “DUI” charge this year. I called Brad Thompson Law Firm and after talking with Mr. Thompson, I hired him to represent me. Mr. Thompson was very helpful and understanding about my circumstances and did an excellent job of representing me in court. He got the minimum charge and fines and I got to keep a restricted license to rive back and forth to work and dr. appointments. I would highly recommend Brad Thompson Law Firm to anyone who finds themselves in this situation.

– Walter

Brad’s representation was professional, and his knowledge of law outstanding. What I really liked is that our relationship seemed personal. I never felt hurried in a meeting, that I was a nuisance, or that my questions were brushed off. He communicated with me whenever I needed it, he answered my phone calls, and when he couldn’t I could count on a quick return call. All in all Brad was worth more than the inexpensive rate he charged me. I would definitely refer him to anyone needing legal representation.

– Kenneth

When I got a ticket while driving through Virginia, Brad was quick and easy to get in touch with. He was upfront and honest and gave a flat fee upon my telling him what the ticket was for. He explained how the process would work and what I could expect. I would definitely recommend Brad to anyone receiving a traffic ticket in the Salem area! Thanks Brad!

– Brian

I recently used the services of Attorney Brad Thompson to resolve a State of Virginia driver’s license issue for one of my employees which dated clear back to 2003. I am a contractor located in Ohio and my employee had one of the most unusual situations that one could imagine. This employee had relocated back to Ohio in 2004 and did not know that there were charges still outstanding in Virginia. Attorney Thompson was responsive, reasonably priced and was able to make all of the necessary contacts within the bureaucracy of the Virginia DMV to solve my employee’s problem. I believe that with as complex as this case proved to be, Attorney Thompson would have been within his rights to ask for more money. However, he stuck to his originally quoted price. As a contractor, that is how I have to work, so it made me appreciate his services all the more.

– Tim

My experience with Brad Thompson Law has been terrific. I was charged with reckless driving near Roanoke and was facing a possible criminal record. I was an out-of-state driver, so my interactions with Brad initially were mostly over the phone. Brad was very professional and quick to respond and answer any calls or emails. Brad was very helpful in answering any questions I had prior to the case and he gave me a good idea of what to expect for the outcome of the case. On the Court date, Brad did a great job talking and convincing the judge to reduce the charges and he helped me avoid any permanent criminal record. I would highly recommend Brad Thompson Law to anyone seeking legal representation in Roanoke County in Virginia.


– Vinayak

Brad Thompson’s name was given to me from a Virginia Beach resident and I am so glad that I listened to them and used him as my lawyer. He went out of his way to workin on my case and made sure he kept me updated on every detail along the way. My case results turned out as good as I could of hoped, but none of it would have been possible without his help. Thank you!


– Sofia

Brad Thompson Law was an immense help with my Reckless Driving ticket that I received in Botetourt County, Virginia. As a college student in New York, the most stressing part of my summons was potentially needing to drive 400 miles and go to court. Brad went on my behalf, kept me updated throughout the entire process, and got me a favorable outcome. All of this, without evening needing to meet in person! Not only was Brad Thompson Law very affordable, but always available to answer any and all of my questions. My favorite part about working with Brad, was the way he promptly returned all of my calls, and answered all of my questions personally. I never spoke to a secretary, intern, or paralegal. I would definitely recommend Brad Thompson Law!


– Amir

I would highly recommend Brad Thompson to anyone in need of a dedicated, knowledgeable lawyer . Brad was very professional, and took the time to get to know the full details of my case. He was always willing to answer my questions, and didn’t seem to mind taking the time to explain everything in an easy to understand manner. Brad responded to both emails and phone messages quickly. Brad was honest enough to never make any guarantees about my case, but it brought a great sense of peace knowing he had my case under control. I hope to never again need legal representation, but if I ever do, Brad will be the first call I make.

– William

Brad Thompson Law was very thorough with my case. Mr. Thompson was very informative whenever I had questions. He was straight forward and got me through with a good outcome. I definitely recommend.


I want to Thank You so very much for all your help with our case. Being from out of state, we were so concerned & nervous about choosing a lawyer, but from our very first phone call with you it was clear we had found someone who was very understanding, knowledgeable & very clear as to what we needed to do. Even before we “officially” retained you as our lawyer, you were so willing to help. You explained what could be expected & what could be the possible outcome. You were so patient with my many questions, several emails & phone calls! You always called &/or emailed me back right away which was very important to me! You immediately calmed my fears & made what was such a scary situation for us – not so intense. Although I admit, I wont be completely worry free until Eddy’s 6 month probation is over! lol! But I sincerely want to Thank You so much! We are extremely grateful!


As a former prosecutor with the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, Brad Thompson represents clients in serious traffic and criminal matters. He received training at the Advanced DUI Training for Prosecutors and the Trial Advocacy College.

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